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A comprehensive Perth based demolition service on projects ranging from single-dwelling properties through to large-scale developments.

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In today’s competitive world it is important to be fast in execution. Our large fleet of demolition equipment, as well as manpower and knowledge, make us fast and efficient in every aspect of demolition.

We have our own trucks, bulldozers, diggers, cranes and all other equipment required for any demolition project from small to large. This means we will be able to complete your project as fast a possible, saving you money.

We specialise in recovering as many salvageable items as possible, keeping the need for disposal to a minimum and maintaining significant cost savings for our clients whilst being environmentally friendly.

Crusader Solutions ensure that the required personnel and equipment are on site and that work is carried out efficiently, safely, cost-effectively and on time. Ensuring your project stays on schedule

Client Testimonials

"Thanks, guys for a painless demolition experience. Very professional at every step of the way and kept us up to date with the progress. Would recommend."

Chris Dinham

"The only company that followed up when I was getting quotes to demolish my home. Everyone involved was friendly and helpful. Communication throughout the process was top notch."

Leanne Michelle

"Quick and painless demolition for our house in Mt Lawley. They were professional and were respectful of the neighbours as they were a bit worried about the process."

Robbie Nolan

About Our Team

Crusader Solutions is a Perth based company providing a wide range of demolition services throughout Western Australia

No matter the size of your project, we can handle it. We have extensive experience and are known for being efficient, prompt and in line with all current regulations.

We provide the following services all around Perth.

1. Residential Demolitions
2. Commercial Demolitions
3. Asbestos Removal
4. Office strip-outs and de-fits.
5. Container storage and decanting
6. Removal Services

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Our most frequently asked questions..

Can you arrange for the gas and electricity to be cut off?
Yes, as part of our quotation, we arrange and pay for your services to be disconnected. All you need to do is sign the appropriate forms, send them back to us, and we'll do the rest!
Do we need to have rat baiting done at the property?
Part of the requirements for the demolition permit is that the property is rat baited at least two weeks prior to demolition. We have our own pest controller who will take care of this and the cost is also included in our quote.
Do you arrange the demolition permit?

Yes, we liaise with your local council on your behalf to take care of the paperwork. The cost of this is also included in our quotes and is the same for residential demolitions.

How long does the permit application take?
The turnaround time for demolition permit applications is up to 10 working days. This means that, as soon as you instruct us to proceed with the demolition, we can start the process and we can be ready to demolish in as little as two weeks!
How long does the actual demolition take?
For a standard sized house/block with no additional earthworks, it usually takes around 3 days. This can be longer depending on the complexity of the job but does not normally take more than one week start to finish.
Will the site be completely cleared and raked when you are finished?
Yes, excluding any trees or structures that you have specifically asked us to leave, the site will be cleared and raked to a standard depth of 600mm. We can rake deeper than this if required and can also compact the site to meet your requirements. Additional costs for this may apply if it is not agreed as part of your original quote.
Do you do earthworks too?

Yes, many of our clients ask us to take care of their earthworks straight after demolition to get the job completed in the quickest timeframe.