What Is The Cost Of A Home Demolition In Perth?

For exalIn order to assess the cost of home demolition in Perth, it is imperative that you understand the factors affecting the dynamics of this industry. It is not unusual to find that you have to pay a disproportionately high or low home demolition cost as compared to your immediate neighbour.

This is because things like scope of work, the material your home is made of as well as the type of demolitions prescribed play a key role. In this post, we shall try to uncover the average cost of home demolition in Perth as well as the factors that affect rate disparities.


Factors Affecting The Cost Of Home Demolition In Perth


When it comes to home demolitions, most businesses charge on per-square-metre basis. In this regard, most businesses will charge around $35/m2. Therefore, as a home owner, you could have a head start by determining the right size of your property, just so you know what to expect.

The following factors will also influence the cost charged by home demolition experts in Perth.




As we have already pointed out, most Perth home demolition companies prefer charging for their services based on the size. Therefore, the larger your home is, the higher the expected cost of demolition. Talk to a company before hiring them to obtain a detailed quote. That will help paint a clearer picture on the expected rates.


Number of structures


How many structures are there in your home? Do you have separate structures like a barn, separate garage, workshop etc? As expected, the more the number of structures, the higher the expected demolition cost.


Construction material used


Most Australian homes built in the pre-80s period largely contain asbestos materials. And considering the whole health concerns around asbestos, you should expect the cost of demolition of homes containing the substance to be on the higher side. On average, you will pay between $25/m2 and $50/m2 for the demolition of asbestos homes.

This cost could be higher depending on a few other factors such as whether the building is damaged or not and where the material was used [ceilings, roof, attic, floors, walls, pipes etc]. Other factors like the amount of the substance that needs removing and how easy it is to access it may also come to play.

Still on material, it would be cheaper to demolish a home made of wood as opposed to a home made of bricks or concrete. This is because of the amount of debris involved in concrete buildings is more compared to that in wood buildings, hence requires more time to remove.


Areas to demolish


You will realize that the cost of demolition differs depending on the areas/units to demolish.

A detached garage that measures 7.5m x 9m could cost you somewhere from $2,000 to $5,200 while a typical kitchen may cost between $6,900 and $11,000 to demolish.




This should be a no-brainier. The more difficult it is to access your home, the higher you would pay in demolition fee. Demolition companies would factor in the time taken to access your property in terms of mileage and set up time. As the home owner, you will be expected to shoulder all these costs.


Foundation removal – Depending on the material your home is made up of, you may need to have the foundations removed as well. This will come with an extra cost, especially if we’re talking about concrete foundations.


Average Rates Of Perth Home Demolition Services

****The following are some rough estimates of how much Perth home demolitions cost in terms of square per meter.

Framed residential-building – $35/m2

Brick residential-building – $40/m2

Single-storey retail building – $62/m2

Two-storey retail building – $85/m2

Three-storey retail building – $95/m2

Industrial-brick warehouse – $54/m2

Bulk-storage shed – $43/m2

 ** Note – things like in built reticulation and water bores in your Perth property may change the costs. If you need any information about Perth Water Bore removal and maintenance contact a Water Bore specialist. 


Additionally cabling and electrics are also charged if not properly de-installed before hand. For example we did a demolition for a leading Perth Managed IT business and their cabling was extensive – this added costs to their demolition total. 


When looking for home demolition services, it is important to understand the dynamics that influence demolition costs. Above all, remember to discuss with your preferred home demolitions company before hiring them. A professional company will make prior on-site visits to assess the size of the property requiring demolition as well as the materials it is made of.

It is only upon assessment of the projected scope of work that they will issue you with a quote. Needless to mention, always work with licensed and insured home demolition experts in Perth.

Once the house is been knocked down, then you can use a company like Persona Homes to build your new