6 Important Things To Think About Before Asbestos Removal in Perth

Perth Asbestos removal services are one of the most sought-after home demolition services in Australia.

However, even before hiring asbestos removal experts, there are a few things you need to consider as the property owner. This article shall uncover some of these important considerations.

Important Considerations Before Hiring Asbestos Removal Services


1. Understand How Dangerous Asbestos Is


Asbestos is a highly dangerous material that is associated with the development of asbestosis. Asbestosis is a chronic and debilitating non-cancerous respiratory infection that results from the inhalation of asbestos fibers.

The disease manifests itself in a wide spectrum of lung-related symptoms. Some of these include a dry and crackling sound when inhaling and shortness of breath. Other conditions caused as a result of exposure to asbestos include lung cancer and mesothelioma.If it is not attended to with the urgency it deserves, cardiac arrest and eventual death could ensue.


2. Know How Old Your Building Is


Asbestos has been used in commercial and residential constructions for around two centuries. However, Australia manufactured its first asbestos cement-materials in the 1920s. Due to their relative prevalence and cost, these materials were preferred by many builders.

In the mid-1980s, cement manufacturers came up with asbestos-free materials in a bid to phase out asbestos. This was seen as a positive response to emerging studies that suggested asbestos could be very dangerous to our respiratory systems. However, even amidst these concerns, there are a few builders that still preferred the material.

Therefore, in order to cushion property owners from possible exposure to these dangerous chemicals, there was need for a firm regulation. On December 31, 2003, a total ban was imposed on the manufacture, use, importation, transportation or sale of asbestos.

Therefore, if your house was built before the 1980s, there are higher chances it contains the dangerous asbestos material.


4. How Severe Is Your Property Exposed


Though your residential or commercial property might have been built from asbestos-containing material, that does not necessarily means it poses inherent dangers.

First, experts define asbestos-containing material, or ACM as material that contains more than 1% of the dangerous substance. The 3 most common types of asbestos include the blue asbestos [Crocidolite], the brown asbestos [Amosite] and the white asbestos [Chrysotile].

Out of these three, Chrysotile is the most common and accounts for up to 95 percent of the total amount of asbestos in use. You will find it in roofs and ceilings as well as walls, floors etc. Also, remember that asbestos is only dangerous to the extent that it is airborne. If the building remains in perfect condition, chances of exposure are minimal.


5. Understand Why DIY Asbestos Removal Is Dangerous


As we have already mentioned, asbestos is a highly dangerous material. The last thing you want is remove it by yourself. Many Australian property owners may view DYI asbestos removal as a cheaper alternative. However, no matter what your wife or Perth Finance Gurus and advisers may say – it’s never worth it!! 

However, the inherent health concerns it comes with may make it a false economy in the long run. But most importantly, depending on the territory where you are from, it could be illegal to remove asbestos on your own. Therefore, the only next best alternative is to hire a licensed asbestos removal services provider.


6. To What Extent Can You Use Your Property During The Removal Process?


This is a question you really need to settle before hiring asbestos removalists, especially if you live in a large home or operate a big office. You do not want to be exposed to the friables during the removal process.

Therefore, the safest thing to do is stay away till all the removal work has been done. Before getting everyone back to the building, be sure the removalists have also done air monitoring checks to ensure zero possibility of exposure.

Which Removal Method Is Ideal For Your Home

Ideally, this will be determined by removalists depending on factors such as the structural integrity of your building. But generally, the following are some of the common asbestos removal techniques used in Australia.

Demolition – This method involves the demolition of the entire structure on which asbestos-containing materials were used.

Removal – During removal, only the ACMs are removed and replaced by asbestos-free materials.

Encapsulation – Here, the removalists will cover the asbestos materials with a protective coating. For more enhanced benefits, you could go for encasement which uses a more durable water-based spray.

Enclosure – In this last technique, the removalists place plywood or Gypsum board on the ACM to prevent property owners from direct exposure.




Asbestos is a highly dangerous material, which is why you are encouraged to contact licensed and professional asbestos removal services providers.

Not only will they eliminate the dangerous material, they will adopt the most efficient technique in doing so.