Finding an ideal Perth asbestos removal company depends on how diligent you are when searching. While there are many licensed asbestos removalists in Perth, finding the ideal one may not always be a walk in the park.

But don’t worry – you won’t have to move interstate!

This is why experts recommend coming up with a checklist of questions to ask before hiring the right company. In this post, we have sampled some of these questions.

6 Questions To Settle Before Hiring A Perth Asbestos Removal Company

  1. Are You Licensed? – A license is paramount when dealing with asbestos removal This is because as a home owner, you need to be sure you are dealing with a company that the government recognizes. Therefore, before hiring an asbestos removalist in Perth, ensure they possess a government-issued license such as the Western-Australian Restricted-Asbestos (WARA) Licence. A license gives you the feeling of working with a legitimate entity. Also, it may act as a cushion when things go wrong, as it becomes easier to bring a lawsuit against such companies. Of course, this is not something homeowners always anticipate, but it pays to be proactive
  2. Are you insured? – Asbestos removal is a sensitive exercise that involves inherent health risks. Apart from that, there are possibilities that your property could get damaged in the process of removing the asbestos-containing materials. This is why a professional removalist needs to have a Public-Liability Insurance.
    In the event of damage to your property, liability falls on the contractor as opposed to the homeowner. Again, damage to your property is not something you expect to happen but it is better to have a clear understanding on how to proceed in the unlikely event that it does.
  3. How much experience do you have? – Experience is a relative term. You could get an asbestos removal company that has only 2 years in the industry but just as reliable as another company with over 20 years. But to be on the safe side, always insist in companies with at least 5 years in asbestos removal. And when you find such a company, be sure to ask them for a list of their past clients. You can then contact such clients to inquire about their experience working with the company in question.

  4. The internet can also come in quite handy here. Just by searching long tail and geo-specific keywords such as best asbestos removalist in Perth”, you will have lots of companies showing up on Google’s SERPs. Most online directories list these companies by their addresses and contact information. You can read on as many as possible before deciding who to contact.
  5. Where is the asbestos removed from my home disposed? – There are so many public health concerns around asbestos. Therefore, as a concerned homeowner, you would need to ask where the asbestos removed from your home will be disposed.
    A professional Perth asbestos removal company should only dispose of the material in approved landfill sites such as the Red Hills and the Kwinana. Even better, transportation of asbestos-containing materials to such landfill sites should be done in approved waste bags.
  6. How do you deal with cross-contamination? – As it is a highly dangerous substance, cross-contamination is a major concern during asbestos removal. Ask about the company’s way of preventing cross-contamination. Usually, before the removal work begins, removalists will seal off the other internal areas using plastic sheeting. This prevents the friables released from settling in and contaminating other rooms.
  7. What is the cleanup procedure like? – After all the work is done, you need to have a safer home where you and your households would no longer live under constant threats of asbestos contamination. Ask how the company approaches all cleanup procedures. In most cases, removalists will seal off the areas where the asbestos-containing material was removed using asbestos-free materials. They will then use high-grade HEPA filter vacuums to carefully vacuum the area and rid it of any remaining asbestos substances.


Asbestos removal is a health- and time-sensitive exercise better left to professionals. Perth is endowed with hundreds of asbestos removalists.

However, that does not mean every company is reputable. We hope the questions above will give you an edge when looking for the best Perth asbestos removal company.