Crusader Solutions

A Perth based demolition and asbestos removal company. We thrive on the following principles.

We Care for the Environment

We specialise in recovering as many salvageable items as possible, keeping the need for disposal to a minimum and maintaining significant cost savings for our clients whilst being environmentally friendly.

Fast and Efficient

In today’s competitive world it is important to be fast in execution. Our large fleet of demolition equipment, as well as manpower and knowledge, make us fast and efficient in every aspect of demolition.

Trucks and Machinery

We have our own trucks, bulldozers, diggers, cranes and all other equipment required for any demolition project from small to large.

We Thrive on Quality

Crusader Solutions ensure that the required personnel and equipment are on site and that work is carried out efficiently, safely, cost-effectively and on time.


Crusader Solutions - Perth's Demolition Company

The Solution is with us.

Crusader Solutions is a Perth based demolition company providing a range of services.

At Crusader Solutions we have a solution for small to large demolition needs. Operating in the commercial, construction, domestic and industrial sectors, we pride ourselves on being prompt and efficient strip out, demolition and asbestos removal services in WA.

We provide following services all around Perth.

  • Residential and commercial demolitions
  • Salvage
  • Office strip-outs, and shop de-fits.
  • Container decanting and storage
  • Removal Services

Our Services

  • Asbestos Removal

    Fully licenced and compliant with Australian standards for the safety of our workforce and clients, Crusader Solutions has a team dedicated to the safe removal and replacement of structures containing asbestos. We use environmentally safe disposal methods for such hazardous materials.

    We remove asbestos sheeting safely and efficiently ensuring that no asbestos fibres are released into the atmosphere during and after the operation.

  • Commercial and Domestic Demolition

    Our equipment is new and well maintained and with ongoing training and assessments for all our ‘Projects Crew’, Crusader Solutions can provide safe, efficient and trouble-free demolition works for each and every project – big to small. We have dedicated staff members whose sole job is to help you. We explain the process from start to finish and outline the timeline and what information we need from you and what you can expect from us.


  • Container Decanting

    With a warehouse capacity of 40+ containers, we are experienced in all aspects of container decanting, storage and redelivery.  Providing services to Perth’s growing construction industry, we take delivery of goods on behalf of our customers, safely storing them in our warehouse and redelivering them on request.  Using a skilled and well-trained workforce allows our customers to feel safe in the knowledge that their goods are in safe hands until they are ready to receive them.

  • Office/shop Defits and Stripouts

    Having undertaken numerous office/shop strip outs and defits, we are highly experienced in providing a fast and efficient service to businesses looking to clear their premises.  We remove and dispose of any furniture and internal fittings according to our customer’s needs and do so in a safe and timely manner.

  • Salvage

    We have quality surplus building supplies available for purchase from our yard. With one of Perth’s largest ranges of reusable timbers, Crusader Solutions promotes the use of salvaged products to benefit the environment and can assist with arrangements to deliver.

    Crusader Solutions specialises in reusable building materials such as:

    –   De-nailed recycled timber

    –   Flooring

    –   Weatherboards, skirting

    –   Concrete Paving

    –   Various household items

  • Recycling

    Whilst we aim to salvage as much as we can from our demolition projects, some items simply cannot be saved!  When this happens, we take the items to a local recycling plant where they are separated and recycled where possible, ensuring that no reusable materials end up in landfill.  At Crusader Solutions, we are proud to play a part in helping to reduce waste and benefit the environment.

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